Continual Improvement – Sharing our Documents via

Improving transmission of electronic documents

We are seeing a significant number of documents being emailed to/from our office. As part of our continuous improvement processes, we are implementing a new system for sending out electronic correspondence for most clients.

We currently use to store our clients documents, as a world leader in document security and sharing. Box has a facility for us to be able to share documents with you rather than emailing documents as email attachments. We like this system because it means the documents aren’t sitting in inboxes/outboxes (which could be a security risk if email was hacked) and it allows you to be able to easily access the documents in your document portal at any time by logging in to box.

Getting started with

To get started, you will receive an invitation to collaborate with us via When you receive the email invitation you will be prompted to enter an account name (your name) and password. We will never know your password, it is managed directly between you & box.

You will be invited to folders for your entities which will all be called

A Squared Advisers Documents for <Entity Name 1>

A Squared Advisers Documents for <Entity Name 2>

Turning on Notifications

It is important that you update your account settings in to turn on notifications so that you are alerted when we send you a document.

Please follow the instructions here to turn on notifications.

How do I access my documents

You can access box at any time by going to and logging in (or just if you forget!).

When we email your BAS etc out to you, we will send you a link to the document which you can click on and log in to box to view. You can download for your records then if you want to.

Some FAQ’s are below:

Q: What is my ‘account name’ when signing up to

This should be your personal name.

Q: What about docusign?

We will continue to use docusign as our signing mechanism for electronic documents. is the mechanism for storing these documents and allowing you to access them in the future. All our correspondence will move to this method, so our cover letters will be in but do not go to docusign.

Q: Can I still get a paper copy printed?

Yes, absolutely. If you are invited to a shared box account with us and wish to receive paper copies instead please email or call our office to let us know.

Q: Will cost me anything?

You do not need to pay anything for the access.

 As always, if we can help, please don’t hesitate to email or phone our office.





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