This innovative software has changed the financial game

Ready for an easier way to manage your finances? Myprosperity is the latest in cloud-based financial management—and it’s about to make your life simpler.

Myprosperity gives you and your financial advisor a clear picture of your wealth. It streams your financial data from multiple sources (like bank accounts, shares and super) and puts it all in one place. It can track your property equity, map your financial goals and display your net worth. So you and your advisor can see exactly what your money is doing, and devise a plan for financial success.

This software is completely secure and easy to use. Talk to us today about how it can help you.

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5 reasons Xero is a must-have for your business

To be a savvy business owner, you need to make smart decisions. One of the smartest decisions you can make is to get your finances sorted. New technology and software makes this easier to do than ever. We recommend talking to your accountant about Xero, cloud-based accounting software that ensures your business finances are on the right track—and that you’re always in the driver’s seat.

Here are five reasons Xero is a must-have for your business.

  1. It gives real-time data, so you can stop flying blind

Do you know what business funds are available to you right now? You shouldn’t have to request a lengthy report from your accountant every time you need quick financial data. Get rid of outdated accounting systems and start streamlining your finances instead. Xero allows you to quickly see real-time data, so you know whether that invoice was paid on time, can easily and instantly settle expenses, and always invest confidently based on current data.

  1. You can log-in anywhere, from the office to the airport

So can your employees, business partners and accountant. Plus, they’ll only see the information that’s relevant to them. Employees can easily submit leave requests and pay slips. Accountants can gauge your financial health in real time. And you can see how your business is tracking at a glance, knowing where your funds are going so you can make smart business decisions on the go.

  1. It remembers your financial obligations, so you don’t have to

Peace of mind is a wonderful thing. Xero remembers your financial deadlines and obligations, helping you avoid nasty fines and penalties—and taking away that niggling “what have I forgotten?” feeling that many busy business owners know well. Xero can ensure you have super set aside, that your pay slips are compliant, and that your business activity reports are accurate and legal.

  1. It connects with industry apps, giving you tailored solutions

Every business and industry is unique. Many industries have great apps that solve business needs and save you time and money. Xero connects with more than 500 of them, so your financial management is all in the one spot and you get a clear overall picture of your financial health. Take a look at this extensive list of compatible apps.

  1. It automates your finances, freeing up your time and attention

As the business owner, your time is invaluable. You want to use it strategically, investing in growing your business and building great customer relationships. And with Xero, you can focus on doing just that. Your finances will be automated and error-free, so recurring invoices and credit card installments are paid on time, and bank transactions are imported automatically. This means you’ll spend less hours looking at numbers on a screen, and more time keeping your business thriving.

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